A Habit Of Dying is in Surrey Libraries

A Habit Of Dying, The Death Of Tommy Quick And Other Lies and The Subtle Thief Of Youth are all available through any branch of Surrey Libraries in British Columbia. Supporting the local library, whether it’s in rural England or urban Surrey, BC is always a pleasure.
Even more so when people are borrowing them. #lovemyreaders #lovemylibraryreaders

Joslin and Jolly FH charts

Some readers have commented that the Kindle/Kobo/eReader versions of A Habit of Dying do not contain the Joslin and Jolly family history charts that are in the back of the printed version. This was due to technical difficulties of including pdf images in the eBook formats. To help remedy this the charts are now available here. Click on these links to view or download pdfs of those charts: JoslinFamilyHistoryChart JollyFamilyHistoryChart

An Evening at the Museum

BlueWitneyTVHeadandShouldersSept 2013: A very successful and thoroughly enjoyable evening at the Fisheries Museum in Lunenburg in the company of members of the South Shore Genealogical Society and other guests. The author gave a presentation on the process involved in writing A Habit of Dying and how real life events and family history had combined with invention to produce the genealogical mystery novel.

Genealogically Speaking

DJ Wiseman at the SSGS conference in LunenburgFollowing a most enjoyable day at the recent South Shore Genealogical Society conference in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, DJ Wiseman has been invited to visit the society again to speak about A Habit Of Dying. Society programme coordinator Cheryl Lamerson has asked in particular for comment and insight on the writing experiences, the connections and inter-weaving of genealogy in the story.

No date for the talk has yet been agreed, but details will be announced both here and on the society website when they are finalised.

(photo courtesy of Brooks of Canada)

Second Edition Published

The 2nd edition of A Habit of Dying is now available from Askance Publishing. It has a new cover and a new ISBN. There was never any doubt that the now familiar L’inconnue de la Seine would continue to be the face of A Habit Of Dying, but the image has been modified slightly and the overall appearance greatly improved. Inside it remains the compelling story it has always been and great pains have been taken to ensure that the text has remained clear and easy on the reader’s eye.

Copies are available direct from the publisher or to order via your local bookshop quoting the ISBN 978-1-909009-00-4.

A sequel to A Habit Of Dying?

A Habit Of Dying - bookshop signingReaders of A Habit Of Dying have long asked whether there might be a sequel in the works. DJ Wiseman has recently  revealed that he hopes to write a new Lydia Silverstream story in 2012.

‘It’s been very gratifying to have so many people ask for another story featuring Lydia. I have an idea what it will be, but it is not beyond the notes stage at present.’

The author has recently returned from a stay in Canada where he continued to work on his new novel, one he has consistently said is not a Lydia Silverstream story.

‘I spent a very long time with Lydia, working on A Habit Of Dying. I needed a break from her and she needed one from me. And having toured the country with her during 2011, it was good to get away without her. But if all goes well she will be back in 2012.’